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I have chosen a developer after meeting a few in real life in my area.

As of today, we are now in the "Site Building Phase"

Here is the update forum lay out. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, please post 'um.

Forum Outline
A. Howdy You’ll

1. Welcome Mat –
(Dust your boots off and tell us a little about yourself)

2. Show Off Your Rides –
(The bikes and the women who ride them)


1. Request a Wrenching Partner-
(Need a hand to hold a wrench or your drink)

2. Mentor Listings-
(Whatcha got – garage, trailer, knowledge, manuals)

3. Up-coming Wrenching Parties –
(You bring the bikes & tools, we’ll supply the sammiches)

4. Tips, Tricks and Resources –
(Know a short cut or great web site, post it here – NO copy righted stuff!)

C. The Garage

It’s helpful if you list you bikes in you sig line so we know what you’re working on. Or be sure to post the year, make and model in you opening post.

1. Wheels, Steering, Brakes, and Suspension
(Where the rubber meets the road)

2. Fuel and Exhaust
(What goes in must come out)

3. Herding Electrons
(Magic Smoke and other 'Lectric Myths)

4. Frame, Fairing, Fit and Finish
(Chrome and Tupperware)

5. Engines and Transmissions
(---- don't know yet----) Suggestions please...

6. Paints and Coatings
(Like nail polish only more expressive)

7. Penny Tech
(Where doing it cheap is all the rage)

8. Wrenching Stories
(Show us what you're working on)

9. Roundtable
(The kitchen drawer of discussion, yeah THAT drawer)

D. The Sprocket - (nothing under this can be indexed by search engines or viewed by non-members)

1. Days of Our Lives –
(Sooo how’s it going?)

2. The Porch –
(The rules are relaxed here so no whining ya here)


If anyone want to contact me about this via email, I have an address dedicated to the site and just as I typed that I saw's beyond strange!

Nana korobi ya oki

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter "- Dr Seuss
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