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Hey kev!

Originally Posted by KHuddy View Post
Justin, you always draw the tough assignments....Moab and then Morocco in the same 6 months. Hey did you ever get any insurance for your medical expenses in Canada?

Try to ride a water cooled GS to D2D and then you can share some of what you learned in Morocco.

Welcome back.
I really did score this year with back to back awesome assignments. On the whole Canada thing... my insurance basically laughed at me.

However, I talked about it all with a Canadian Health Services lady down in Vancouver. She was very sweet and said, "eh?" a lot but in the end I owed them much less than before I chatted with her. Far from free health care... but this fine Canadian gal was very helpful and understanding. Much more than I could ever say about talking to anyone in the Health Insurance industry here in the good 'ol USA.
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