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Originally Posted by Mud Bucket View Post
I tried the cheap route and purchased 2 light for the lower bars. $50 dollars each for 1500 Lumen. 1 lasted 25% of a trip.(road part) and was not working when I really wanted it on the offroad part at night.
The problem is the standard work lights you see for cheap are not designed for extreme vibration. I took apart the light after it failed and looked inside. What I found was a small coil had broken off inside. Lots of parts on the circuit board to vibrate off.
The Rigid light I have also taken apart and found there are no parts to vibrate off. Looks like a real solid design.

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My DDM lights arrived last week. Based on this post, I open them up to check on the quality of construction. There seems to be a decent rubber gasket to keep water out of the circuit board area. The coils and other small components that are likely to vibrate loose, have been glued down with what appears to be a filled epoxy compound. Even though these are listed as a work light, they seem to be a reasonably rugged. I did not remove the circuit board, for fear of disrupting the thermal interface on the back.

I do not plan on using these as my primary lights. Rather, I want to run one or both of them as lights on my 450 for the occasions when I am running a front number plate gas tank for extra range. For rides where I know I will be out after dark, I am going to mount the LED flood light on a ram mount to supplement my HID lighting.

I will be installing the square flood lights on the crash bars of my 990. I have not opened them up yet to see how well they are built. I would be happy to post pictures of the internals if anyone else is interested
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