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Cool, glad to see someone putting one to real world use. I have seen these bikes the past few years at the Nevada 200 trail ride, but haven't bothered to take one for a ride.

One thing I would correct; it should be a brushless DC motor, not AC.

Also, an electric bike should be capable of out running any IC bike off the line since electric motors have 100% torque at start up. However, I am sure the speed control limits the pulse width to keep it from shredding belts and tires. Your start up power should be adjustable through programming the speed control.

Having gone back and forth with electrics and IC in another hobby, RC flying things, electrics have advantages and disadvantages. I have come to this conclusion; electrics are capable of unbeatable short term performance, but IC always wins with longevity and weight. Also, electrics will burst in to flames in a crash much more readily than IC, ironically. And electrics are NOT necessarily better for the environment. BUt if shear power and performance is the goal, nothing will beat electrics. I have built power systems that weigh about 500 grams, and produce over 2hp. That is pretty amazing to me.
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