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Originally Posted by 68deluxe View Post
Tell us more about the LP. You did it right and got the fastest color!
They are both LP's. The first one is a 2010 Junior Billie Joe Armstrong Signature in Vintage Sunburst. Everything is original for now. I've considered doing 50's wiring and maybe changing the cap but I might just keep it original since I like the way it sounds.

I've always wanted a Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst though. It's an iconic guitar for me. Mine is a 2012 Standard Premium Plus. After only 4 months I decided I didn't care for the pickups and spent a month researching what was out there. I went with a small wider from the MLP forum. He built them and I had them later that week. They're PAF clones. The neck has a Alinco II magnet and the bridge has an Alinco IV. They sound really nice compared to the Alinco V's the BBPro's had. They were too bright and harsh for my taste. The neck has a really nice bluesy sound to it while the bridge has a Crossroads-like sound.

I also changed out the tiny ceramic .022uf capacitors for the same value but paper-in-oil from Tone Factory. Much smoother when rolled down. Replaced the amber top hats with reflectors. The guitar already has Grover locking tuner heads and tone-pros locking bridge and stop bar. I might change them out for Faber or Callaham. The guitar still retains Gibson's Fat Taps, phase and bridge bypass features.

I've been looking at Ebony Customs but I think I'd like a '55 Gold Top.
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