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Originally Posted by stretch the wire View Post
With regards to the incorrect results for Ned, unfortunately this is nothing new. I would urge all competitors to check the signature and time on your timecard at every checkpoint, I know that you are in a rush and need to get going, but the rules state that the checking of the record your responsibility, if there is nothing in the box or it is incorrect it is your responsibility, there is nothing you can do about it....unless perhaps you have a special relationship with Orga.

It has happened to me twice, once they missed a secret check and I was penalised four hours, the other time they stated that I did not make any of the checks for the whole day! For both I had to submit official protests, both were upheld and the reason given: "Clerical Error". I did not get the benefit of "Seeding" to the second row I had to start towards the back of the field for the following days whilst the protest was being checked. This happened in subsequent years, both whilst running in the top 10 of the events.

I wonder how many errors go unchecked by riders who are not sure if they made that check or not...many could be far higher up the results, but heh they may never know. The antiquated system used by the Orga is problematic, and when you invest so much time and money to participate, amateur or not, the recording of results should be accurate and fair to all. This is one of the main reasons I did not return this year.

I must state that the Tuareg is a fantastic event, at an excellent cost but, for me, there needs to be a better timing/results system in place for it to be fair. GPS routes should not be distributed before the event.
Can't agree more!
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