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Hand poured glass panes are thicker on one end than the other due to uneven cooling as the glass is poured. Modern glass is made in an entirely different way so that is is of uniform thickness.

I am constantly amazed at how myths get propagated when actual facts are so easy to find. Seriously.....less than 10 minutes of searching yielded dozens of papers on the physical, and chemical properties of glass. Amorphous solids rule!

As for why it's difficult to "glue" glass.......there are very strong covalent bonds between the silicon and oxygen in the glass. What that amounts to is there are very few free electrons for anything else to bond to, so chemical bonding is difficult. Physical bonding is difficult for the reasons previously stated...the relative smoothness of the surface.

but why all thick on the bottoms of the windows

i'll ask my sister

chief material for nasa

ur spoiling what i thought was a fact

live and learn

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