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2012 Vstrom service bulletin DONE :)

As most v 1000 owners know there have been known issues with drive ability for years. Before I purchased my 2012 I forcasted these known problems to my sales guy and he said they will fix it if this curse struck my bike. It died 3 times on the way home (10 miles) when rolling off the gas at stop signs. It had the hiccups at 2700- 3000 rpm like many others. I rode it like this for a few months, then my dealer called, saying there is a fix. They will replace the ECM ( different part #) and iridium plugs. I read other stromers ( on another site) saying this really did fix their bike. I took mine in today, purposely making it surge and hiccup on a known piece of road on the way to the dealer. After the "fix", same piece of road I could not duplicate the problem. I know its early days but so far so good. I can not speak to fuel consumption differences if any, I know that these new ECMs still have to meet epa regulations so it may not be terribly rich. I think the off idle hesitation is gone as well and possibly smoother throughout the rev range.
Im glad Suzuki finally addressed the problem for 2012s but I don't know if this will work for previous years.
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