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59 and love to ride dual sports. In fact I love them all!!! Just some more than others. Started at 16 and have acquired 6 knee operations, 15 broken ribs, collapsed lung, road rash so bad it looks like I walked through a forrest fire, broken fingers, and yet I still get excited just riding down a dirt road. I love to see that look on a beginners face the first time he crashes but yet stands up and finds out he will live for more. I am lucky, still alive, have a great wife, and I still go out in my garage and look at my bikes everyday all winter long if I haven't been on them out in the junk. Not sure who said it but when one dies they should go to their grave sideways, all used up, and look back at their life saying WOW!!! What a ride! Wish I could ride like the young guys again but I still have the heart. Hope you all stay up--------

07 BMW 1200 GS
09 BMW 1200 GSA
13 BMW 1200 GS wet head (all most here)
010 HD Electra glide classic
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