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Its official...I'm frustrated

Yes, another guy having a hell of a time with the clutch on his 950 ADV...I am about to light this beautiful bike on fire.

If you read all this, thanks in advnace.

Background: 04 950 ADV with 26K on it. Clutch developed a very slight drag at the tail end of the last oil change (Castrol 4T Syn 10w50). I didnít like the oil too much (notchy shifts after I put it in), wanted to fix the drag.

Changed oil with Lucas Full Syn 10w50. Because of the drag and research on clutch drag all over this forum, decided to pull the clutch plates, inner hub/booster and inspect.

Plates looked fine, no warping, discoloration, or burnt/glaze on any paltes. Booster looked a bit worn but not nearly as bad as some within this site...looked okay.

Inner hub and basket had tell tale signs of clutch plates notching/digging into the drive side of each.

SO...I saturated the plates in new oil, filed down the notches (basket and iner hub, drive side only) just enough to make it feel smoother/not as nothcy with a super fine file, cleaned the old grease/rust off the booster, put a small dab of Lucas Red Tacky #2 grease on the ramps/dogs of the booster.

Applied Permatex equivalent of Loctite 243 (I think it was 21200 or something) to the 32mm nut and re-torqued to spec.

Swapped the inner steel with an outer steel because the inner had a slight groove. Installed plates with all sharp edges in the same direction.

Placed all Fibers in the same meshing except for the last which I placed one meshing further. Buttoned up the clutch.

Inspected Push rod, looks fine (its a steel one piece), no corrosion.

Inspected the slave, no weeping, o-rings look good. Cleaned it up a bit and put it back on the bike.

Now the fun part...checked the clutch was damn near black. So, replaced it with rip-off motorex fluid 75 (no 2.5wt fork oil locally in any shops, didn't want to use baby oil, ATF, etc). Bled it about nine-thousand times. Bled from the slave up to the master with a syringe (with hose clamps, no air) for about an hour. Wife removing excess from master as I fed it mineral oil from the slave. Bled until no bubbles appearing, then bled for another 5-10 minutes. Started bike, bike stalls when I put it in gear.

Went and bought a hand vacuum bleeder (MityMax) and tried reverse bleeding, sucking fluid from the master via the slave. Wife added mineral oil as needed, not letting it get low, as I pumped via the slave until no bubbles and then some. Started bike, bike stalls when I put it in gear.

Ditched the syringe and MityMax, tried it the old fashion way; attached tube/container full of mineral oil to bleeder nipple, cracked nipple, wife pulled clutch lever and held it to the bar, I closed the nipple, she added mineral oil to the master as needed, never let it get low. Repeated this for about an hour. Started bike, put it in gear, bike stalls.

Oh, gave the lever max play prior to bleeding, then removed all play when I tested it. Also pulled the clutch cover off to inspect movement. Looks like its getting 2-3mm of movement or so. Removed the pressure plate and checked the push rod. Push rod is sticking out and I can feel the hydraulic pressure on it when I push it into the slave from the clutch side.

I am stumped. I thought it was air in the line but I have bled it over and over using various methods until I got no bubbles to no avail.

What do you guys think?
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