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Originally Posted by stegs View Post
620 Multistrada - does everything you want to do and even fits the price range though not quite the 2007 deadline. But I am biased.

(Apologies if already mentioned)
I don't think they've been mentioned but aren't they pretty rare in NZ?. A 1000S (flash suspension) Multistrada sold for $6200-$6300 in Kapiti a week or two ago. Problem was it had 45k km and was a bit tired.

Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
The old tigers are cool but as you say are overpriced - May reflect the owners age- needing to cash in their investments for retirement
Triumph triples certainly hold their value - certainly any low km ones seems to be outside my budget

Originally Posted by bart-nz View Post
Belt drive on gravel
I heard somewhere that's not a good thing.
Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
Big Dave went on the XB12??? ride in Oz and it was on a lot of gravel and dirt and no blet problems on any of the bikes.
For the small amount of gravel I'm envisioning I don't think it would be a problem. Buell's are not an option simply because they are orphans

Originally Posted by innathyzit View Post
I spose you gonna claim it was an Australian who split the atom.

Pretty sure my next bike will be a road bike, probarbly regret it but, meh.

Quite like the big gsx1400 type naked ones.

Marks, what about a Bonnie?
I like recent triumph twins but good low k ones are at the top of my budget and they have horrible rear suspension stock (well the scrambler I rode did) and need prolly a grand or so spent sorting the suspension out.

There is certainly strong appeal to the big UJM's - honest what you see is what you get bikes.

Originally Posted by Ducatijim View Post
Buell ulysses xt is the answer Mark.

once upon a time it would have been. I've always wanted to try one but its irrelevant now as I'd never buy an orphan unless it was a real bargain

Originally Posted by Underground View Post
140/80 Mark
I'd like one of the older model VFR750's for a road bike they go for ever and you can pick up a mint one for real cheap.....but then I have a thing for old Hondas
Thanks for the tire size - I'll order one for the klr (130/80). I rode that neat road between Mangaweka and Kimbolton today that I chased you on a year or two ago and the bald E09 would randomly walk sideways at the worst possible moments scaring the crap out of me - no more rides on that tire....

I think a v-four is the ultimate engine configuration - from a sound point of view - never ridden one. I'd really like to own a sport tourer but the reality is my back and knees would complain and would limit my riding too much.

I rode around 750km today on the klr and the upright seating position is what made it possible and fun.

I rode 2 bandits - 1 in Hastings and 1 in Napier - both from dealers. The hastings bike was an 07 with 30k km for $6.5k but had stuffed tires and quite bad alloy corrosion in odd places - like something corrosive had got on it. The other one is and 08 with 15k km for $8.5 and was like new.

I was really impressed by the motor - super smooth and will pull from 2000 quite happily in 6th. Runs out of puff about 8000rpm but its such a nice engine to use it doesn't matter - powerful without being crazy fast. Handling was fine and I really enjoyed riding both bikes. I'll mull it over tomorrow but we may have a winner.

The nicer bike was at Procycles in Napier and I walked into the dealership and saw a big row of Harley's and Triumphs and looked at the guys both with long hair and beards etc and thought - here we go - fecking harley guys. I was completely wrong - they were really nice guys and seemed really straight forward to deal with.

The shop owner offered to show me some good roads to try the bandit out on - which was very decent of him - feck his vrod was LOUD and he didn't hang around either.

On the way home from Napier I went over to Taihape and then down to Mangaweka. The road from Mangaweka to Kimbolton is the best road in the world - no question. From kimbolton I went north to Apiti then followed the Pohangina Valley East road down to Ashurst - this is the second best road in the world. Awesome awesome riding - what a buzz.
These are the best days
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