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Originally Posted by ssevy View Post
I know I would definitely find a way to put one of these in my garage, even if it meant selling my blood.
I'm 54, and the article said this bike seems to appeal to guys my age, and I think that is correct. As a solo long distance touring machine, it seems to have a pretty low buy in cost. I could see people going in to a shop to see the Trophy and leaving with one of these instead when the sticker shock sets in. Two up long distance the Trophy would win hands down, but for weekend rides with the missus, this would be just fine. My nearest dealer thinks these would sell like hotcakes in upstate NY, and he and many of his staff would be personally interested in owning one themselves.
I liked the fact that Warburton said the bike doesn't really needs gizmos; and for the target market I'd bet that's true.

In fact, for 90% of street riders I bet that's true.

The price on this is less than many litre sportsbikes; it will steal sales from those imho.
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