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First, thanks for all the repliesÖI love this site.

Pdxmotorhead: I did not clean the oil jet during this last bout of maintenance, but just cleaned it about 800 miles ago. Not sure if thatís it, but Iíll hit it up today.

TrentW: Over the various bleeding bouts, the bike would stall both ways; either lurch forward, stall out right as I put it in gear, and one time it had incredibly strong drag that I could only stop with the front brake. Bike has a side stand bypass put on by PO.

gefr: thatís sweet KTM replaced your entire clutch. After all this, last night I pulled the clutch cover to re-inspect the paltes, etc. I removed all plates and the belville washer and made sure I didnít slip up and put something in the wrong order. All was well/installed properly and put in according to the manual.

The clutch feels ok. What do you mean ďI believe replacing your clutch disengagement whatsoever?Ē

I also pulled the slave off and re-checked the pushrod pin was seated properly in the slave itselfÖit was.

DeepInIt: The sidestand is bypassed. Iíll re-hit the oil jet.

rossguzzi: checked the pin, all is well.

I read of some guys removing the slave itself and bleeding it when removed from the bike thus getting out trapped air. I am going to try that. Also tracking not to pump/touch the lever with the stock slave off the bike. I know Iíve bled this bike to death, but I donít know what else to do.
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