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Originally Posted by wpbarlow View Post
The racing was interesting for some positions, and the camera work was pretty good. I was very surprised at how the last lap unfolded.

But talk about an event with the stench of general disinterest.

Remember when the big debate about the Daytona 200 was limiting the number of riders to 80 (iirc) or so in 3 waves of riders?

Almost as depressing as the small number of fans-- no fooling, it looked like there were more people on the track (crew, etc.) than watching.

I'm starting to feel that roadracing is just not engaging enough for many fans these day. As brutal and difficult as it is, without an appreciation of what the riders are actually doing it looks unexciting compared to, say, supercross. And that's in person. It's even worse from a TV perspective-- as roadracing doesn't work well with the "switch the camera/image every 2-4 seconds" viewing that today's seemingly ADD-afflicted young fans need.

Know what else I found depressing/surprising? Larry Pegram's comments re looking for another sponsor. Instead of saying something like "hey, I can offer you a lot of TV time for your product" he says "anyone out there have extra money in the advertising budget to sponsor me?" Not what I'd expect from a person who's accomplished so much wrt putting together a credible effort for so long.
So true, Walter, so true.

I've had high hopes that the on track competition of the series would bring in fans, and thereby attract sponsors. Sadly, that has not been the case. The on track product is still very good, and quite competitive - especially the DSB class. Personally, I don't care that the 200 is run on smaller bikes, and I recognize that the Superbikes just abuse the tire too much at that facility to make it safe.

But the obvious small attendance, lack of a TV package, and as you said, feeling of general disinterest is quite disturbing. I expected a lot more from DMG with regards to promoting the series, bringing in new sponsors given the NASCAR connections, and generally making the series more streamlined and professional.

And based on what I'm seeing, I agree with Harvey Mushman that it may not survive the year.
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