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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
I'm not exactly sure what you are saying, but...

To be clear, you can do this, which is very similar tho not the same:
There are several ways to get to the "Search Near" pick from the Menu button (3 horizonal bars) on the bottom. After you press Search Near you get these choices:
A Recent Find
A Waypoint
My Current Location
A Map Point

So as a workaround you can see the route and use A Map Point to move around along the route and select a point. Or if you are looking for something coming up along the route you can use either that or My Currentl Location. These work pretty good if you want something close by while you are already navigating. Of course not the same.

Also instead of "destination", isn't the destination also a waypoint? so you can at least pick if from the A Waypoint selection.

... as a workaround.
So, if I am navigating along a saved route on my Montana, and then I need to find nearby gasoline or food, I find near my current location, then once found, I can insert it into my existing route that I am following? And will doing that affect other subsequent waypoints that were in my route? Assume that I did not transfer the route to the unit as "direct" what happens?
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