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Just made it to Tunis and dropped off Lastplace, Mike K, Dirk, and J-L at the airport. What a great group of guys, has been so much fun to be a part of for the last week! As Mike said, not one bummer in the bunch!

Lots of thoughts to share about the race, but there is plenty of time for that in the days to come. In the short term, I'll sum up that its a great event, the riding was both better and more challenging than I expected, and my result surprised me as much as anyone. I tried to ride "the speed of fun" for the whole time, and that worked out pretty well.

Not a moment went by that Wes was very far from any of our thoughts, after speaking with him Day 1, I think (and hope) the enjoyment I had from the event is a tribute to his own love for the sport.

Wild Man and I have one more night in Tunis, and fly home tomorrow. It's been a great adventure.
Thanks for the thoughts about Wes,it would have great for all of us to have spent the week catching up,but we returned to the UK after his accident,as we could not give 100% concentration to the rally,and we did not want to have any more accidents.
I have just returned home from his house,and speaking to Deb,his partner,she has been overwhelmed by the messages of support from the ADV community,these are people she has never met,but we all share a common bond of bikes and adventure.I am very grateful,on her behalf,for these words in our time of grief.
His body was returned to the UK from Tunisia last night,and we met him at the local funeral directors late yesterday,his final CP,and all that remains now is to pack his kit away for him.
This has been a very sad few months for our group here in the UK,as we do not participate in rallies with the intention of causing danger to ourselves,and hurt to others.But we know it is always there in the background,but the attraction of what we do,and the scenery and friends we meet during our travels within the community,seem to outweigh any negative thoughts about our sport.
We hope to meet you all again,under less sombre circumstances,and look forward to adventures with friends.
Tomorrow I will ride in our local club trial,and my youngest son,Adam,will ride Wes's old Beta.We will remember his passing a week ago,with his friends who he grew up with.It is in times like these that we revert to the things that started us down the path to where we are now,just biking with friends in our local area,having fun.

regards to all


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