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Riding for Distance

It has been a mild March here and I wanted to see what kind of range I could achieve out on the open road so I set out for a local mountain peak about 30 miles away to see if I could make it there and back.

I was conscious of throttle position and tried to minimize current flow while maintaining speed. I rode at the speed limit or just over as indicated by the Zero Speedometer which is probably a bit fast. The route had some elevation. From the starting point I went down 1,000 feet then climbed from around 3,000 feet above sea level to the summit at 6,100 feet of elevation. It was right at 50 degrees at the starting point and probably just above freezing at the summit. There were people there riding snowmobiles.

Here's the view from the top:

The energy meter was just at half to get there.

I toured Idaho City on the way back:

There were some nice twisty sections on the way and I like the way this bike handles.

I ended up back at home with one blinking bar (the second one just disappeared). The tripmeter indicated 67 miles so that works out to 6.7 miles / bar on the energy graph. If I would have run it to stopping it would have probably rolled about 75 miles.

Things that hurt the range on this ride were the low temps and the climb in elevation.
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