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KTM 950 SM Gas Tank Issue.

So I put a CPRFab air filter kit on my 950 SM and rejetted while I was in there. And cannisterectomy. Getting it all buttoned back up, set the tank on there, put the fuel pump and lines on, and I can't get the screw at the back of the tank started, it's about a whole diameter of the screw off, meaning the steel/rubber bushing mount thing isn't lining up over the hole. Well, damn, I figure that maybe, something is sitting high with the new airfilter setup, so I take it back apart, the carbs appear to be sitting down on the spigots, the air filter base is seated all the way, and I don't see anything interfering with the tank.

I put the tank back on without the air filter, and it seems that it still doesn't fit.

Is there any issue (ala Ducati) with the tanks going out of shape because of the fuel? Or am I just being a bonehead and missing something that I should be doing?

Any help is appreciated.
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