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Originally Posted by Box'a'bits View Post
As I recall, you had the opportunity to fit bigger / less flexi-flier / modern forks, & decided not to bother. I thought Schmidtty was a 'Cruiser'. What has caused the concern now? It's a never ending chase your tail thing. Better forks, stiffer frame, less weight etc.
No don't get me wrong I like the front end on Schmidtty. Apart from square edged ruts or deep ruts it handles really well. I just was watching how the forks moved & wondered if that was what the dreaded flex was that people talk about.

I think I get the answer but it would be hard to pick it up while moving wouldn't it?

As far as Schmidtty goes, I've dropped the recond gearbox off to a mech to reassemble.
Schmidt wil always be a cruiser however may make an appearance at a laid back this winter
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