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Funny you should say that...

Originally Posted by it'snotthebike View Post

when you grow older, as i have been lucky enough to be able to do,
you tend to quit worrying about what someone else thinks of what you say and
you tend to say what you really think. It's a great feeling, not giving a damn
about what other people think. It frees you up to be who you really are.

aye but old habits die hard, i am brit you understand, brought up to be polite

somewhere in the world there is a person who would sell
his or her kidney so he or she could own a ktm lc8 bike. They have read everything
they could find on the bike, they can recite the engine specs from memory,
they know what makes the engine a superior design, and they know
about all its race victories. For them no other bike will do, and they dream
of the day they can own such a bike.they are the sort who deserve to own an
lc8 bike, not some weenie with a bean-counter mindset who worries about maintenance

you speaka my language amigo. I threw in a bloody good job in the corporate world to ride a lot more. Looking around for a suitable bike my old bean counter type logic was leading me to buy a yam tenere 660 (fine bike, sensible, very reliable, shame you dont get them in the usa). I knew sod all about 990's at the time but one came up at good money so i test rode it for 40 minutes and wrote a cheque as soon as i got back to the bike shop, grinning like a ferkin' idiot. Put 70,000 miles on that one, came to south america to live and work, bought another, now 50,000 into that one.

Never counted the running costs, it just is.

Looking around at other bikes occasionally now (as wellas, not insteadof): Bmw rr1000, a ktm superduke or supermoto 690 and a triumph speed triple all coming to the fore. Wherever i go it will not be for any rhyme or reason. More how I feel on the day when the cash comes available. Surely this is what riding a bike is all about!

I drive a 5 year old Hyundai SUV to ferry the family about, cost effective vs reliability vs depreciation matrix optimum point


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