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Originally Posted by john_h View Post
have you found that there is enough room to sweep the bars up and back say 1.5" in both dimensions without compromising steering feel and cabling?
No problem with either adjustable ROX Risers (50mm, 2 inches) and the Roadie riser blocks or alternatively the XC riser blocks (~ 30mm, 1.18 inches). Cable is okay. I would not combine both though.

I use the XC risers since about 2000 miles and are very happy with the setup. The ROX got me to sit too upright and I got some trouble with lower back and shoulders on long days (500+ miles). No problems with just the XC risers and the Roadie handlebars.

There is one guy who installed R1200GS handlebars - they are wider and higher, different sweep, I like these bars better, but it's easier to go with the Triumph bars for the heated grips and other stuff.

Originally Posted by john_h View Post
I go 175lbs and found the suspension to be pretty stiff around the city. Generally speaking, are you finding good results with revalving/respringing the showa shock and forks? For those that outright replaced the shock with a fully adjustable one, was it hands-down worth it, or do you feel a good suspension shop can dial in the showa shock?
I did a replacement with fully adjustable Traxxion AK-20 fork cartridges. Probably not "worth every penny" as it was quite a lot of pennies, but a satisfying result. If you're not pressed for money and rather prefer a good suspension, they are worth it. Otherwise you definitely need a specialist for re-valving, proper springs for your weight, plus the correct oil. Here in the Bay Area are a few shops I can recommend, one is Catalyst Reaction in San Carlos the other Evolution suspension in San Jose. I generally bring the Tiger to Evolution as I like their service and the people.

The rear spring isn't done on my Tiger and it is actually not bad when I have the cases installed (+30lbs, I'm 156 without any clothing). Might be that you just need to adjust it properly. I'm not clear on whether a rework of the shock will get satisfying results. It might or it might not. For me, there is either a Penske or a Wilbers in the very near future.

Originally Posted by john_h View Post
With a proper set of shoes and a full set of crash equipment, the roadie won't be totally out of it's element for some moderate off-roading would it?
I don't like going "off-road" with the Tiger, but a nice graded dirt road isn't an issue for me. It's a much bigger and heavier bike than the F650GS Single (we own a Roadie and a 2005 F650GS Single at the moment, so I have a good comparison), so, make your own decision. I prefer lighter and cheaper bikes for that kind of thing. That's another reason I didn't buy a XC - I'm not a person to trash such a heavy and nice bike around on gnarly trails. Rather take a WR250R or KTM there ... more fun, much easier, and much cheaper. But that's just me.

Originally Posted by john_h View Post
Lastly, do used '11-12 roadies pop up online regularly, and what's a rough price range without upgrades?
Mine popped up a few weeks ago because I wasn't comfortable riding it anymore after a deer encounter (full repair done in a shop, clean title), but I decided at that time to just keep it because it is such a super nice bike. Would have also taken quite a hit on the price, offered it for ~10k with Jesse luggage, Traxxion front, and lots of other goodies.

So, if you look for private sales you can get a good one, but they aren't very common. Within two days here and on Craigslist I had five people saying that they could pretty much guarantee to take it after personal inspection. But then I got a change of heart and decided to keep it for the time being ...
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