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Question carburetor questions

I took the bike on a 15 mile run today! cruisin' along at 60! anyway, it starts great hot runs great, but is a booger bear cold. It will fire, then put put put and die out. The choke doesn't seem to do anything?

I've done google research today. first, one person mentioned if the float bowls are switched then the choke doesn't operate correctly (or at all). How do I know which is which? I've only had the left one off.

second - my idle screw was at 1.5 turns (left carb, I assume the right has none). Google research shows 2.5 is correct? anyone want to help out? I thought when the screw was at the back of the carb it was letting in more air, therefore a 2.5 setting would be leaner?

If I can figure out how to start the thing w/o a 20 minute process, I'll be "In like Flynn".

thanks! L
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