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Originally Posted by ultrarnr View Post
I have been considering a Multistrada 1200 but have started to look at the 2013 KTM 1190. For those who have experience with both KTM and Ducati how do you feel the brands compare as far as cost of maint and other repairs go? Thanks for any insight.

Interesting question ultranr and one that I too would enjoy having some insight into. Thanks for asking it.

For those suggesting that anybody interested in the answer is unworthy of a KTM, read the question again.

It is not asking whether an LC8 costs more to run than a Yamaha.

It is requesting insight on whether the KTM could be expected to cost more or less to run than a Ducati, a notoriously high-maintenance brand which had been high on the OP's next-bike list.

So, after five years of new-Ducati ownership but none of KTM ownership here is my take on the question - which I hope KTM owners can correct, confirm or add to.

1. In addition to the cost of desmo valve jobs and timing belts, what adds to the pain with Ducati is the high cost and poor quality of some OEM parts. As I am interested in the 1190, I have taken a look online at some LC8 spares, and they appear to be priced at about 70 per cent of equivalent Ducati spares. Systems also seem to be more available as individual parts. Is the quality higher? Can't say.

2. The other potential big cost for Ducati owners is the unusually rapid rate of depreciation with miles. A lot of people seem to buy Ducs but not ride them much, and so the used market is flooded with low-mile examples. That cuts demand for higher mileage bikes, even though the basic engineering is solid. My impression is that used KTM buyers are more tolerant of high mileages.

3. It looks a bit easier to set the valves on a KTM, and you don't have to pay for or tension drive-belts. That should keep costs down and make life easier for do-it-yourselfers.

4. KTM has added multi-mode ABS and sophisticated traction control to the 1190 but has stayed away from hands-free ignition lock and steering lock and digitally controlled suspension, unlike Ducati. Less to go wrong.
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