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Seems like a reasonable question

Originally Posted by ultrarnr View Post
I have been considering a Multistrada 1200 but have started to look at the 2013 KTM 1190. For those who have experience with both KTM and Ducati how do you feel the brands compare as far as cost of maint and other repairs go? Thanks for any insight.

I went from a KLR to my KTM 990, and have no experience with Ducati, but I share your sense of value. Sadly, I am not in a position to disregard ownership costs, so figuring out maintenance, insurance, and cost of ownership is part of my buying decision. Guess a lot of other folks on here have cash to burn

KTM parts seem to be about 30% more than the Jap stuff, and I'm guess a shade less than the Italian stuff. With the HOW you should be able to do a lot of stuff yourself (assuming some translates from the 990 to the 1190). My experience with the KTM 990 is that it is amenable to wrenching after you dig through the body work. The 1190 appears to have an advantage there.

Dealer support is about the same, maybe slightly favoring KTM since they have more dirt bike shops in some of the medium to smaller towns. Parts are more widely available, but then again I have not bought any Duc parts.

Just my .02, and I hope some other folks chime in with answers instead of sermons on how costs don't matter.
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