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An old story -- just another middleman storefront operation with no inventory.

There are too many great vendors out there to let useless dickbags like this stay in business.

Cough up the extra few bucks to order from a real vendor. For example, Dennis Kirk stocks these shim kits and their web site tells you how many there are on the shelf. Toss in a few oil filters or tire irons and you get free shipping that's very predictable. (Same goes for and .)

Two seconds of Googling also uncovers many unhappy people they've screwed over. Other danger signs include a web site straight from 2005.

Cut your losses any way you can -- if it comes to it, don't be afraid to pursue a chargeback through your credit card issuer, but check the rules first to make sure you've held up your end. Chargebacks can make a bad vendor's life very difficult, since they have to keep switching processors and pay more for their CC processing.

Caveat emptor.
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