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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
unless you like the taste of the bottom of someone else's boot. I never liked that taste myself
Somewhere in the world there is a person who would sell his or her kidney so he or she could own a KTM LC8 bike. They have read everything they could find on the bike, they can recite the engine specs from memory, they know what makes the engine a superior design, and they know about all its race victories. For them no other bike will do, and they dream of the day they can own such a bike.They are the sort who deserve to own an LC8 bike, not some weenie with a bean-counter mindset who worries about maintenance costs.
If I was in charge of the universe you'd have to pass a test before you were allowed to buy nice stuff. Money alone wouldn't
mean you could have the nice stuff. You'd have to answer some questions which would indicate whether you actually deserved to own it.
Christ, this reads like the Aryan Brotherhood of the KTM. Some bizarre byproduct of a childhood where all the other kids got the cool toys.

Originally Posted by rockycraig View Post
I myself was wondering about the cost of service of ktm and went to a ktm shop and asked. they said about a grand for the valve adjustment service.
This seems high, even if they have to replace shims. However, I think you're on the right track. Pull the owners manual for each bike, pick a point, say 20,000 miles, determine the listed routine maintenance and get estimates. Given the above price I'd suggest calling more than one dealer for each marque.

Good luck!
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