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I've had several different Subies: '84 GL with hi-lo 4wd and center grille cyclops light, 2000 H6 Outback, 2001 Forester, 2005 Outback XT turbo. The GL and the Forester are the best in snow, and the Forester cleans the crawl out of the Black River valley with no difficulties--it's not that hard a climb, but I'm surprised at how easily we go up.

Although I love the Forester, I was planning on going back to the Outback for my next car. I like the longer wheelbase and lower CoG, but then they changed the Outback in 2010, making it larger and uglier, higher snout and generic-looking rear end. Why o why?!?! I hated it and decided I'd probably go with the RAV4. Then the TDI came along and I coveted one for a while, but now they appear to have made a slight redesign of the Outback (reducing the ugliness but the front end is still shite) and I'm reconsidering. Among my candidates, my mechanic likes the RAV4 (no belts to change, dead-bang reliable), then the Subarus, then the TDI.

I'm at 150k on the Forester, and most of my non-routine repairs have come in the last 15k: both front axles, rear wheel bearings, and the sunroof has conked out (at least it's closed) and it's a $2k repair so I'm ignoring it. I have the gasket issues (oil and coolant) but they are less than minor annoyances. Would def buy again unless I get a TDI.
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