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Tear down

Well i pulled most of it apart last night. The lobes look like new on the cams. The rear cyl specs where spot on but the front intakes where only sitting at about .003 so out a little. I did not pull the bridges yet as i dont have the service man yet. Want to wait till i have it as i could not make sense out of the marks on the end of the cam gears in relation to tdc.

Even after sitting for 5 years i was suprised at how much oil was still on all the gears and cams. I think things are going to look good. Or hoping I guess.

Anybody have any thoughts on the water pump shafts. KTM has updated all the shafts and seals. Would the one from CJ Designs still be a better set-up? Ktm parts are much easier to get for me thats all.

Might do a leak down on it when I get the manual just to make sure the head gsk are not leaking. I hope not but now would be the time to find out.
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