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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
Thanks guys. I'm going to put the factory Yuasa YTZ14S battery back in the bike as I can't afford to get stranded on a long adventure ride in BFE and ruin a trip over a battery that is susceptible to water damage

I read in a few forum threads that it is not waterproof and you can tell just by looking at it that it won't keep water out.

I cannot imagine is waterproof.
Yes, I was addressing your statements. Too many times I read statements like this on forums. Did the battery fail on you because it wasn't waterproof or do you "imagine" by looking at it it will fail? Did you come to these findings by getting information from someone first hand that had a failure or did you have this failure yourself?

I am not trying to start an argument with you just making my own statement.

I would like to know as well if others are having problems with water getting in these. I have had one of mine completely submerged many times during one trip, once for as long as 20 minutes going up a stream and didn't have any problems. Maybe I was lucky but I did have the option of a kick starter. On my 800XC I don't have that luxury and would be concerned if I was told of first hand experiences about failures. I bought my first Shorai from ELS in Phoenix. The owner did extensive testing on the issue of cold starting. Froze batteries while taking voltage readings, a control bike for starting tests ect.

From my own first hand experience, I have had no issues with water and Shorai batteries. I have had no issues with cold starting in temps as low as 4 degrees. I do not like how quickly the battery will go from full volts to flat with out much warning. I was setting up my camp site and needed my motorcycle headlight, it lasted about 20 minutes. I was expecting to start my bike to charge the battery when I saw the headlight dimming but it went from full brightness to out within seconds and the bike would not start but luckily my Beemer friend had some built in jumpers on his bike.

I would like to hear about more actual experiences with these batteries. I often choose to spend my money based on others experiences and not manufacturers claims or someone's hearsay opinions. This place can be a wonderful resource networking a huge amount of information but the flip side can pass along in accurate info, I guess reader beware...Mike
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