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Question Luggage system for KLR650e

Hi everybody,

I'm a dutch girl and I bought a Kawasaki KLR 650e in Anchorage for my trip from Anchorage to Orlando (8 months or more, starting in June) and I'm currently trying to work out which luggage system suits my situation best.

I'm looking for hard cases (side and top) that can handle light off roads and are easy to (dis)mount as I intend to unload the panniers a lot (I only want to ride with the panniers as I'm moving from one hostel to another and than leave the bags in the hostel while exploring the area). And it seems a lot better if you can pack the bags as regular suitcase and not only from the top.

So far I looked at Pelican cases, Trax Evo, Micatech and Happy trails. Has anyone have some advice for me? Especially regarding the price, because it all seems pretty expensive......


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