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Originally Posted by scootac View Post
Just started following along here.
Wife and I are coming to Scotland in May for 2 weeks of driving through the country and hopefully see some of the great scenery you've been showing!
Excellent! Normally we get our best weather in May so you should get some nice days. It hasn't stayed dry for 2 weeks in a row for millions of years though so you'll get some crap ones too!

You'll see loads (maybe everything) in 2 weeks if you're travelling about. Should be good.

Originally Posted by Rango View Post

And how about the fried mars bar?

Good luck on the test. See you on another motorcycle soon.
Never tried them! Deep fried Mars Bars are like shamrocks on a Guinness or 'I NY' t-shirts. For the tourists.

Originally Posted by conchscooter View Post
The new bike will be the Deauville won't it? I feel like I missed something. It appeared in two frames and vanished. Waiting for your test I thought...
Now I feel like I've missed something. :) Not sure what you mean by 'two frames' but to re-cap in case I've told folk the wrong thing: Yes the Deauville is my new bike. I bought it late last year before I had sat my test as it was a bargain that couldn't be ignored. I passed the first half of my test but still have to sit the second part and that'll happen on the 28th of this month. I cannot ride it til then, though I can sit on it and make 'broom broom' noises. I don't do that though.

The Suzuki mini-cruiser is my current bike that is now good to be sold. I'm hoping for a dry day (it's been rain and snow the last week) to take better photos of it for the advert.
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