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Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
I don't have a problem with it.

Every August, promising new talent from Loretta Lynn's signs a pro contract and starts riding the outdoors. Should that be banned???
good point but no that shouldn't be banned and in my opinion here is why. outdoor is more of a celebration of the sport, and kind of like golf, not for everybody every weekend for a variety of reasons. SX on the other hand, starts with the new year, and is heavily promoted as a showcase series, (which it is). with a premier class and a for lack of a better term, beginner class (which it isn't).

To allow riders from the non premier class to effect the outcome of the premier class serve no purpose. it makes no sense given the heavy promotion of the series with claims and implications of immortal greatness and ultimate achievement (which it is) for the winner of the 450 class. they ride all 16 races, the others don't. which is fine but allowing interlopers can only have a negative effect on the series it cannot have a positive. If James Stewart is out of the points race soon for the 450's and opted to run the 250's for the last 3 races (if it was allowed) it wouldn't be right. There would be an outcry and there should be. It would impact the integrity of the 250 west points race.

Outdoors is a little trickier for lot's of reasons and I don't see it being quite as big of an issue as SX but I'd have no problem with a pick a class and stay in it approach. Allowing new pro's to join up in August who you other wise wouldn't see outweighs not letting them ride.
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