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Jan and I are headed out this morning to meet up with Don and Don at Eddieville for the OMRA XC. I will be riding one of Don's bikes, either the KTM 300 (rode last week) or the 450 Honda (Ive never put a leg over one of these). Should be an interesting day!

Yesterday was a mixed bag, Luke and Al were here working on Al's MK1 chase rig, while I worked on the SL350. Good news is Luke welded up the frame where I modded it for the MT 250 tank, bad news is the engine build went into full reverse.

Got the cam into the cam box, but for some reason could not get enough slack in the chain to lift the cam high enough to get the bearing supports bolted in. Tried subbing in the stock cam and it made no difference. Finally realized I was just going to have to take it apart and check the whole cam tensioner system. Tore it down to the block, extracted the tensioner and compared against stock and it seems like they are the same size and should work. Feel like I am missing something obvious. Rather than get frustrated and pissed off, just put my tools down and went in the house. I've learned that sometimes if you just walk away and clear your head, the solution will come to you. I will write more about this tomorrow with some pictures, and a race report from Eddieville.

Everybody have a great day!
Hey Rick,

If you want, I can PM you Owens number. He should be able to talk you through it.

An Elefant never forgets.
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