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day 2. morning.

yesterday was a bit bittersweet.

started the day by having breakfast with my sister. we've lived together for the last 4 years. you might think living with your sibling is insane, but we compliment each others personalities pretty well. she's neat, organized, and keeps the house running in tip-top shape. I mostly make messes and make her laugh.

she left me a goodbye card in my tank bag. surprisingly nice things to say despite being siblings and roommates. she even gave me some gift cards for some fast food and Starbucks! score!

visited my parents in centralia on the way out of town. they were great. got the last of my insurance straightened away and they gave me some advice and encouragement. overall they're cautiously excited for me to be doing this, and it's really great to know they're behind me.

hugs and a prayer on the way out the door.

from centralia it was a short but sweet ride to Vancouver via I-5. the bike feels great. nice temps in the 50's, partial sun the whole way.

staying with my aunt and uncle in Vancouver is always a great time.

I actually lived in Vancouver with them for a good while when i was in college. it's crazy how time flies, but I have fond memories of this town. it was neat to gas up at the 76 station on mill plain i used to frequent. and dinner was from an old 4:30 am favorite, muchas gracias...

if you don't know, MG is a chain of fast food Mexican restaurants. open late, and never in a building of their own design. the one we hit-up tonight used to be a skippers. it still has the signature porthole windows. it's shitiness only adds to it's charm. and the food is darn good too.

my uncle and I spent most of the evening playing with balloons, cameras, and a BB gun. he's been taking photographs for longer than I've been alive. it's always magic when we get to create images together.

he had a vision of capturing primary colored balloons exploding with colored sugar inside them. it's a tricky thing, but it turned out pretty cool!

working the kinks out a bit on the bike today... ill make a few adjustments to the luggage. basically just securing the camp roll around the seat, instead of just roped to the saddlebags. should help keep the soft saddlebags a little more easily accessible and keep the camping gear from shifting forward during braking.

the road 3's motor sports of Olympia (link) put on are great so far, just breaking them in a bit. they did see plenty of water yesterday, and even brand new felt capable.

today I'm heading down to grants pass Oregon. will stay with my cousin kyle and his awesome wife. looking forward to meeting some new itty bitty members of the family for the first time.

(btw seafood chimichangas are delicious)
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