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DARKRYDER, you seem to be certain in your opinion that Shorai batteries aren't sealed at all. Where did you find your conclusive, solid information proving that this is true, other than eyeballing it from the outside? I tend to agree with Mikehusa here that you are claiming things that have not been proven and are unfounded. I did a a fairly extensive Google search just now and could not find any reputable source stating that Shorai batteries are not sealed and/or are susceptible to water penetration. You can't just eyeball a battery from the outside and say "nope it's not sealed" or "water will penetrate it". It doesn't work like that. There could easily be rubber o-ring or silicone sealing from the factory that is hidden from the naked eye, even around the charging plug. As I've said before, I've trudged my Shorai through water, rain, mud, dust, vibration, etc, etc, etc.... no issues whatsoever. Not to be a d*%#, but please stop spreading misinformation. Thanks.
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