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Originally Posted by superpimp View Post
Hi guys,

Long story short, bike was on side stand today then i put it up straight and the entire overflow coolant bottle gushed on the ground by the top of the radiator cap ( where the tube connect to some sort of flimsy elbow ).

That elbow or whatever it is , is super loose you can press on it with your finger and see it move.

Is there any aftermarket caps better than this?
This is the most ridiculous radiator cap i have ever saw.

Thanks for any info.
No worries, the elbow does move around normally. The radiator caps have been known to develop issues. Take the cap off and clean any grease/grime that may have accumulated. Make sure that the hose enters the cap correctly. Make sure to burp the system as documented in the "HOW" section.

If you still have an issue, Replacement caps are pretty cheap and a good part to have an extra one of lying around. I replaced mine at 10K. Miles.

Munn Racing is a great source. (

All in all, a small issue to deal with when compared to the enjoyment factor of the ride!!
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