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Originally Posted by Adam990 View Post
so I should bring some finality to this dead thread that I forgot about! oops!
I eneded up getting the bike back 12 weeks to the day from when I originally took it in for the issue of the faulty fuel pump :(
this was after weekly (or sometimes twice weekly) calls to Cycleworks and KTM Canada to keep on top of what was going down with my bike while it was in the shop
KTM Canada and Cycleworks realised that I was pretty choked about the whole situation and offered me something out of the power parts catalog, so I ended up with a H&B Black Top Case to match my side bags.... a nice gesture, but I would have rather had the bike for those 12 weeks to ride it

Riverside KTM now gets all of my business, last year the bike went in for the 15,000km service, and I get a phone call "ummm we don't have an air filter or spark plugs" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was a little choked, but in the end, the spark plugs and filter came in late friday afternoon and I was able to take the bike the next day on a quick 2400km trip through BC and it ran like a dream
they've been great to deal with for anything I need so they will be getting my next KTM purchase! I'd highly recommend them!


lol as an "afternote", I had a few pre-paid service cards from Cycleworks that I wanted to burn up so I ordered a tank bag and went in to pick it up, they still have a lonely 2010 Adventure sitting in there :( I felt bad for it and anyone else that would buy it from them
Was it a white one?? If it was, it is now mine. And we've been shredding the roads, paved and unpaved, of North America since August of 2011. And I had no issue with the bike or the dealership whatsoever. But I feel for you, 'cause I had issues with my Ford stealership in Cold Lake ever since I bought my brand-new 2011 F150...

Hope to see you in the roads!!
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