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I, too, added a second fan kit and lower temp thermostat and found the fans running far too much. Before, the bike would get too hot, and after, the fans would run too much. Even when sitting in traffic and the ambient temp was below 50 the fans would run for extended periods.

Before long you'll get some smart folks on here who will chime in and explain the science behind coolant and temperature release and the cooling capacity of the bike (

Fact is, when I put the lower temp thermostat in, I felt the fans came on too early and ran too long for the cooling system to actually work effectively. Once I replaced the lower temp switch with the stock switch I found the fans came on when necessary and still cooled the system quicker than stock.

You don't want the bike to run cooler, you want it to run at the engineered temperature and cool faster when it gets hot so it doesn't run too hot. That and you want the fans to run for a shorter period of time reducing the impact on the charging system.
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