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Originally Posted by Skoots View Post
After seeing this thread I figured I would check my bike out. Thinking to myself, my bike should be fine, it's a 2013, has less then two hundred miles on it, just got it three weeks ago. Well...... low and behold it's starting to crack! Wtf! It's not bad but it's starting. Will be in contact with the dealer to get it replaced when I get my first service done.

This is just a suggestion ... and it might be a crap suggestion ... but ...

I would not panic... you have 3-years of warranty, and the tank is double-wall (or so we are told) so you are not supposed to be in danger of splashing gasoline on the hot exhaust or anything really dangerous.... Thus
I would wait until the crack gets really bad or until you are nearing the end of your 3-year warranty ... which ever comes first and THEN get them to replace it ...

I have confirmed with my local dealer that parts installed by the dealer (either under warranty or paid-by-customer) have a 2-year warranty.
So if you wait to end of 3-year warranty two good things might happen:
1) BMW will have come out with design that works and the replacement will last a lifetime.
2) If not, then you will have an "extended warranty" of an extra 2 years on the replacement

Note: some folks think that because the fuel tank is part of the "emissions control" system that the warranty might be longer than 3-years, but that might be hard (harder?) to enforce ....

Just my $0.02
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