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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post

This is just a suggestion ... and it might be a crap suggestion ... but ...

I would not panic... you have 3-years of warranty, and the tank is double-wall (or so we are told) so you are not supposed to be in danger of splashing gasoline on the hot exhaust or anything really dangerous.... Thus
I would wait until the crack gets really bad or until you are nearing the end of your 3-year warranty ... which ever comes first and THEN get them to replace it ...

I have confirmed with my local dealer that parts installed by the dealer (either under warranty or paid-by-customer) have a 2-year warranty.
So if you wait to end of 3-year warranty two good things might happen:
1) BMW will have come out with design that works and the replacement will last a lifetime.
2) If not, then you will have an "extended warranty" of an extra 2 years on the replacement

Note: some folks think that because the fuel tank is part of the "emissions control" system that the warranty might be longer than 3-years, but that might be hard (harder?) to enforce ....

Just my $0.02
Wasn't panicking.... More surprised then anything and irritated. Sounds like a plan. I will wait and see if Bmw comes out with a new design then get it replaced or just get it done before my warranty runs out if they don't.
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