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[QUOTE=Night Falcon;20963849]The exhaust is a pig but is functional in that it gets the bike past the greenies and on to market. The fact you will be able to remove it and bolt on an aftermarket one that is lighter, runs a lot cooler, uncorks the engine, and looks better does not mean the manufactures got it wrong, its just they had to play to different rules. The the rest of the bike looks pretty good so that shows the designers knew what they were doing and how hard it is to get an exhaust looking any good and still compliant. I think they probably know its a porker and most riders will ditch it for something more sexy in fact its almost a given

Very well put Mr Falcon,
They must know by now to just do whats nessessary for the exhaust system and get them past the inspectors (who drive Volvos) , then get them out the door, for us to "fix" $$$ later ., we have been doing that for decades havent we?,
Maybe we should start posting all the stock gear back to the manifacturers , even up the ballance of the earth poles.(global warming)??

Nice looking bike but HOLD ON a minute , put your Lat'e down and take a nother look - its a dam ROAD BIKE, (albiet a nice one) but thats how we are being groomed.
Going touring? I phone , GPS, wi fi, credit card, check, ready to go.

I had to add a 530 EXC to the shed to remind myself what dirt riding was all about, but we are lucky to have all these models rolling out to play on, hey,
I just love the view from up here on this soap box.
Regards John.
Outback flyer
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