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Got it

Got it! I looked elsewhere as many recommended (thanks).

No more eyeballing it, went out and bought a micrometer. Measured each fiber and steel disc, the clutch springs, and the distance of movement of the clutch when lever is pulled. Everything was above KTM's minimum threshold except for the clutch springs. The manual says new they're 30.77mm and minimum length is 29mm. All 6 springs came in under 29mm, the lowest being 28.33mm. To see if it'd work, I stretched the springs to 31mm.

I also pulled the clutch jet and cleaned it. I didn't notice anything in there but who knows, it may have had some junk in there.

Put it back together, fired it up, and she went into gear perfectly. Took her for a short ride and it felt great. I figure it was the springs.

I am going to order some new EBC springs ASAP.
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