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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
Wow, tough crowd in here. Look, take the rubber cover off the charger socket/outlet on the Shorai and you will see a gaping hole in the case. What other "conclusive, solid information" do you need to see the obvious??? You are being a d**k, now go troll someone else's thread and do something useful. No one is spreading any misinformation, I was asking for input from other Shorai owners. Sealing the battery gives me peace-of-mind that I won't be stranded hundreds of miles from civilization with a damaged battery. Form your own opinions and do as you please with your $200+ battery.
1) I don't see a huge gaping hole in the case when I remove the rubber sealing cover from the charging plug on the battery. I see a charging plug! And when looking at the charging plug further with the rubber cover removed I see no evidence that there isn't a rubber or silicone seal back in there. Point being, I'm not going to claim that the battery isn't sealed just because I can't see it. If you want to convince the forum that Shorais aren't sealed then rip apart your Shorai and take pictures of where it isn't sealed. Until then, there's no evidence. And don't make the claim that Shorais aren't sealed.

2) Keep the rubber plug installed in the charging plug where it's supposed to be and you won't get water in the charging plug!

3) Sorry, but I'm not being a d**k. Just trying to help you out here. I'm simply making sure the forum isn't clouded with misinformation. And if you're looking for input from other Shorai owners then listen to what I and the many others have posted in this thread: we've taken our Shorai through water, mud, rain, dust ,etc with zero problems. I'm not here to form an opinion so I'm not going to. I'm just here to point out that you're broadcasting your opinion as the gospel based upon hearsay and eyeballing the battery from the outside. No facts or proof. Just your opinion that you have a hunch that your Shorai isn't sealed.
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