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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
Pull the rubber cover off and there's a hole where the cover itself mounts to the case. I removed the cover as I needed the charging cable plugged into my battery permanently for easy access while storing the bike for long periods. There's no misinformation being spread, go grind your axe somewhere else. Perhaps you're a Shorai dealer or spokesperson, it makes no difference to me. I'm just a regular guy who loves to ride and I look forward to many trouble-free sandy, muddy river crossings. Discussion closed.
Not trying to grind my axe. Still no conclusive evidence that Shorais aren't sealed. The rubber charging plug cover's mounting hole could be a completely enclosed plasticized mounting divit or holder plug. Just because you pulled the rubber plug completely off of the battery casing and you saw a dark hole it doesn't mean that there isn't something behing there, or they didn't somehow seal behind there. They could have even completely enclose the holder plug with plastic. You/we don't know. We need proof, pics, etc. that this point is a breach. Otherwise it's misinformation that "this battery is not waterproof". There are more people on this forum reporting good luck in water with Shorais than bad. Until you have real evidence that Shorais are failing due to water penetration don't get pissy with me.
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