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OK, so here's the relevant piece from post #113 of the thread I linked to in my previous post.
As it stands, I am rapidly approaching saying "don't buy Shorais products"

I have never spoken directly with anyone at Shorai, but understand them to have outstanding service so I wanted to like their product right off the batt.

The problem I have with Shorai to date are...

Build quality. Yes it's better then the shrink wrapped products but it is not a gasketed case. Cup your mouth around the case over one of the terminals and blow, air comes out around the other terminal.

One of the used Shorai batteries sent to me had liquid inside so that when you shake the battery upside down small droplets come out and its pretty nasty liquid. I don't think it is electrolyte as there is very little moisture in LiFePO4 cells to my knowledge, rather I think it is water with corrosion from the various exposed metals inside.

Same thing with the BMS port, that little rubber cap is not making a good seal.

One of the 4 Shorais in my possession was sent for destructive testing by a bike shop and I really wanted to charge it at 21 volts, 18 amps, which is as high as I suspect a bike charging system could ever go before other things break shutting down the engine. I know what lead/acid batteries do in these conditions and it is bad, but wanted to compare it to what the Shorai does which I suspect would have been less bad.

Unfortunately I destroyed that battery 24 seconds into a 200 amp load test (epic quantity of white smoke when a LiFePO4 cell shorts internally), but, I still managed to do a water test with the now useless Shorai battery. Sink it in a bucket of water and little bubbles come out around the terminals and BMS port rubber cover till the battery fills with water.
FWIW, the Shorai in my 950 has two seasons on it with no issues. It's never been submerged so water hasn't been an issue. Did run it flat once (which you're never supposed to do!), charged it with the Shorai charger and no issues since.
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