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Great stuff Captain Magoo.

After leaving Mama's, a highlight for sure we continued south along the coastline. Bahia Rosario was on our right, a really pretty bay leading to a geographic point on the coast until you get to a huge bay and whale watching hot spot; Bahia de Sebastian Vizcaino and Port of Guerrero Negro. A long ways south from where we were but soon to visit there. We immediately fell in love with a large group of tourista's from the US of A.

Burq Magoo


Nice shot of our guide Kevin.

Knowing techy stuff is ahead, Chuck and I gave Magoo a trials lesson. I think we were talking about peg pressure and angulation or the Amazon woman?

Speaking of practicing good form. Chuck's practice was paying off, look at his form, nearly perfect.

We said goodbye to the ocean and headed for what Big Sprocket said is very fun single track. There is a pattern developing here. When Kevin says single track and really cool in the same sentence, beware Team Magoo.

The setting sun cast a nice shadow on Kevin.

The road is easy.

But this kind of riding didn't last long. It became awesome.

Rubber necking.

What is Chuck doing here?

A meeting of the board.

Wow, this is just a great picture.

Cactus forest riding was supreme but changed quickly. Dry sandy trails with big black round nappy headed rocks were semi buried in the sand. Some rocks would move and others were solid. The riding was first gear, very difficult. El Spockito lost the trail near some farm land and the silt & powder riding was intense. We came across a couple of ranchers burning stuff. Not sure what the hell they were burning and or why, but the trail was very hot, very dusty and very hard. I think Magoo had several slow speed drops, wrecks, dismounts or in trials; a five. I had my first and last slow speed get off. I thought I had it saved but the bike was just too heavy and it stalled. Chuck was right behind me, I know he was laughing at me. This trail sucked, it was not fun and it changed a lot. Out of the powder and up onto hard Oboma Head rocks. Although a bit better in control, the beating the bike and body took navigating through these land mines was hard work. At least we would not have to go back and ride this stuff again, so keep moving down the trail, keep pressing on. There is little doubt that the second day of riding was going to end in the dark. Not good to be riding at dark in Baja, but we were in Baja so bring it on.

We make it to Highway 1, the road into Catavinia.

If I never ride in deep silt again, that will be too soon. Barrel gas is obtained.

Check in at the Hotel Mission Santa Clara. It was a great place and good food, as standard so far.

Mr. Speed control issues Sutton had to ride a bit of trials on the porch at the hotel.

Dinner was great.

And the bikes were secure.

A great day of cactus forest riding, beach side beauty, silt and powder hell, a few wrecks, killer sunset coming in on the slab.

Tomorrow is finally a beach ride!!!!! More Oboma head riding and we stop in Guerrero Negro.

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