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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
I don't need to prove anything to you and the battery cost around $200. With charger it was more like $250.
Sorry you paid $200 for that battery. However, your math makes no sense. Going by your math it would be $275-285 for both. $250 for both makes a bit of sense though. The charger costs $75-85. Battery is $160-170.

Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
By the looks of your stockish 990R with street tires, you don't do many deep river crossings on your bike. Either way, I'm done with this discussion.

You're hilarious. Your bike is just as clean or cleaner than mine! And my pic is in my garage after a wash. Yours is just as clean on a trip!... ....and nice to know that you base someone's 'adv-ness' on how many 'farkles' they have on their bike and how dirty it is on a pic on the internet...Nice try at a burn!.....

Also, my main experience with the Shorai is in my 2010 BMW G450x and my 2011 Husqvarna TXC449 on single track trails in the woods. River crossings, mud, water, rain, dust, vibration, etc, etc, etc... no problems.

Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
Feel free to continue arguing your point, I'll rest easy knowing my Shorai case is sealed
I don't have a point to argue. I'm just highlighting that your claims that Shorais are susceptible to water penetration are, at least until this point, without real proof. Nice bike though! And I'm sure your silicone will give you peace of mind!
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