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The more I thought about this, the more I felt that somebody should help out so I rounded up my cousin Jon 'cause he's always up for a good adventure (he's greaser jr on this board) and we mounted our own recovery this morning. After we got the bike in the truck, we didn't feel right about just driving off so we again searched the area below and on down the ravine on foot, with the dog, for an injured rider.

After we had the bike safely in the truck, we started thinking "what if this bike is stolen and we get stopped transporting it!" Well, there is no Sheriff station in Silverado so we stopped at the Fire Dept and they called a Sheriff to come talk to us. He was able to track down Tom's address and eventually located him (in one piece no less) and we got a police escort to Tom's house. We were glad to help Tom recover his bike and wish Dale a speedy recovery. I am AMAZED that Dale only broke his hand after plungeing a hundred feet down a cliff!

What a day!

So, on with the photos already!

See those tracks leading to nowhere?

This is what we found in the abyss.

Looking up, you can't even see the road. I tried unsucessfully to climb on hands and feet up the direction they went down. We used a more gradual route to recover the bike. (but you still had to use all fours to climb up it)

Almost back to the road. We used ALL 100 feet of winch cable plus a few straps to reach the bike. You will notice most of the cable is back on the drum in this pic... It was a looong, steep way down there.

Stopped at the Fire Dept to contact authorities and while they were trying to contact the owner, we got the tour.

Police escort and delivery service! The officers were SUPER relieved that their envolvement was over. They were expecting to mount a full-on missing persons search complete with helicopters, dogs, bush pokers and rock turner-overs. They thought that they were gonna be on an all-nighter...

Home safe and sound.



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