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Planned for a long time ... ... and finally time to rock'n'roll

The plan included Miss Jane - planner and ride leader, Huskygirl, Schevy, Suerching, Canary, Powermel1, jude and myself.

Ride was gonna start in Yea on the Saturday morning... leaving enough time for arrivals, lots of chatting and reunions and the compulsory second breakfast and coffee!
Some of us wanted to be sure to have enough time for breakfasts so we left home on Friday and stayed in Yea for the night...
Miss Jane and myself really tried to get away early and rock up for a relaxed early dinner... Hmmm, left home at around 6.15pm with an planned time of arrival at the pub in Yea at around 6.30... with around 140k's to go
Amongst other things we spent a few minutes 10k's from home to have a look at the Husky - kindly lent to me for the weekend by Huskygirl - as the oil light came on...

Turned out to be an electrical problem... so the easiest thing was to jump on the bikes and get going

We made it to Yea and found Huskygirl and Schevy in the pub... well in charge of a bottle of wine (or was it the bottle of wine well in charge of them )

After a good feed and a good night's sleep we were ready to meet up with the rest of the Chix in the morning...

jude, Powermel1 and Canary decided to stick with the tar nearly all the way to the campsite so they stayed behind for a third breakfast... (well, I would have...) - while the rest of us followed Miss Jane trusting her to find some great dirtroads

From Yea we headed southeast into the Black Range State forest...

And may I present the Chix for the weekend...

Myself, Schevy, Miss Jane, Suerching and Huskygirl.

Fantastic roads, surroundings and views

Schevy ready to take off... after marking a corner

Time for a short break...

Gotta love Suerching's stealth mode bike

And we're off again...

Views along the way...

I just luuuve these roads...

(no, I did not ride on the right hand side of the road... just parked there for the pic )

Thanks to Crustyvarmint for the heads up on the Granton Rd... great little detour between Narbethong and Marysville

Pulled up in Marysville just around hungry-time...

Schevy at bikes...

We nearly lost Suerching at this stage as she tried to hook up with a group of road riders on sparkling clean bikes... offering to show them how to get dirty

Anyway... Marysville is a place with room for everyone (just wondering if the ducks have read the next sign up the road )

What can you say...

Off again... from Marysville east on the Marysville-Woods Point road

And further down...

Via the Eildon Warburton Rd we hit the Big River road and followed this...

Well, we needed rest anyway

Just a bit of water in the creeks... even though it was wet enough for the wet weather gear

Now, I gotta come back for this one

We arrived at the campsite, Chaffes creek... but no sign of jude, Powermel1 or Canary
We had a few looks around the area... asking around if anyone had seen three lost Chix on bikes
Meanwhile a message popped up through the tiniest bit of reception saying that they were safe and sound at the pub in Jamieson

So we set up camp...

With a great spot for a nice bath (or at least for some ... one... of us )

Yummie Sunday morning.... Miss Jane toasting hot cross buns for breakfast - thanks for bringing them all the way, Huskygirl

After the hot cross buns - and packing up - Huskygirl took off for a straight run home. The four of us hung around for a bit and afterwards enjoyed the fantastic windy Eildon Jamieson Rd. and pulled up in Alexander... right on time for lunch

After Alexander we aimed for Yea where Schevy had the trailer parked... and see who happens to be in town - jude on the Ducky.

Powermel1 joined the party and with a little effort from everybody (well, someone had to take the pic ) the orange one was soon attached to the trailer

Another five Chix... after a bit of regrouping

jude, Powermel1, Miss Jane, Suerching, Schevy and myself in front

Once again jude and Powermel1 left the group... taking the straight way home (well, not by foot )

Schevy jumped in the car and Suerching headed south... so the Chix in the Stix No Six kind of finished in Yea... where it all started

Miss Jane and I had to get home as well... but who wants to go the straight road if you can do different... after a quick look at the map a route was planned and again Miss Jane led the way on great dirt roads through some fantastic scenery

Well, actually it didn't take us long to meet a locked up gate asking for an alternative route

Which took us along a single track between paddocks...

back onto roads again surrounded by stunning views and amazing landscape

Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Chix.
Looking forward to seeing you again

Cheers, GSDane.
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