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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
I'm convinced this battery is not waterproof, but feel free to continue arguing your point Griz.
All unfounded BS posturing and whiny 'go aways' aside....

YOU'RE convinced this battery is not waterproof. Good for you.... you're entitled to your opinion. But let's keep it at that: YOUR OPINION. No actual proof of it. Just your opinion. Don't you get it? I'm making sure your opinion doesn't get mixed up with factual information here. I'm trying to keep ADV solid for folks, and not an opinion fest. You don't seem to like that. So be it. Have your opinion. But until you present some hard evidence I'll put up with your incessant whining and make sure that opinion is highlighted as just that: opinion!

I'm completely open to facts and look forward to seeing some proof. You act like I'm not.

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